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6 Dress Shopping Tips for Mum

6 Dress Shopping Tips for Mum

Got your mum on dress duty for your big day? Don't worry, we've got the ultimate guide to help her nab the perfect outfit without a hitch!

  1. Chit-Chat with Mum Sure, Mum's been your rock throughout all the wedding chaos, but it's time for a heart-to-heart about the vision you've got for the big day. Show her some dazzling pics from your wedding inspo board, because let's face it, pictures speak louder than words. It'll set her off in the right direction for her hunt.

  2. Early Bird Catches the Outfit Six months before the wedding is the sweet spot for Mum to hit the shops. That way, she's got oodles of time to fall head-over-heels for the perfect dress and schedule any touch-ups if needed. Plus, by then, you've got your own look nailed down, and the bridal party's styling is locked in, which will give Mum the perfect cues to coordinate her ensemble like a pro.

  3. A Palette of Possibilities Hey, we're not saying Mum's got to be a copycat of the bridal party, but it's always a good idea for her dress to play nice with the wedding colors. She doesn't need to be the exact matchmaker, but her outfit should complement the day's color vibes. From metallics to navy, blush to chocolate brown, and dazzling jewel tones, she's got plenty of hues to rock. Just steer clear of any shades that may cause trouble, like white, black (no mourning vibes, please), and flashy reds. But hey, if she's got a daring fashion bone, who says traditions can't be bent a bit?

  4. Stylin' Mama Now, let's get one thing straight—Mum doesn't need to dress like she's hosting a knitting club. She can look fab without stealing your spotlight! There's a myriad of options out there, from classic suits and chic sheaths to cocktail dresses and formal gowns. You know your Mum's style, so try to find a compromise that makes both of you happy. Remember, it's your day, but it's her big moment too, so comfort is key!

  5. Logistics, Darling Just like your outfit, the time, setting, and season of the wedding will dictate Mum's attire. A sequined ball gown might steal the show at a swanky dinner, but it'll be a bit much for a brunch affair. And let's not forget the vineyard wedding—long gowns and dewy grass are not the best of friends. Don't forget about religious and cultural customs too! If there's a dress code, Mum should be ready to work it with a chic shawl or cardigan if needed.

  6. In-Law Co-ordination Extravaganza Ah, the classic mother-of-the-bride-picks-first tradition—it's had its day. Nowadays, the order doesn't matter much as long as both mums feel fabulous in what they wear. Of course, you wouldn't want them clashing like fashion disasters. Encourage a chummy conversation between the mums to make sure their outfits don't crash and burn. If they're up for it, a shopping trip together could be just the ticket! If, by chance, they both fancy the same color, suggest different shades to keep the peace and harmony intact.

There you go, a foolproof guide to help your mum find her perfect wedding look. With these tips in her handbag, she'll be strutting her stuff down the aisle like a fashion icon!